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edl-rec GmbH

EDL-REC are a specialist manufacturer of edit decision list recorders, perfected to speed up post production editing of a live show.

Over the years EDL-REC have worked at outside broadcasts, concerts and in TV studios to develop their user friendly, time accurate, and reliable range of edl recorders. These recorders capture 'as aired' program shots, and convert them into a frame accurate and native AVID or Adobe 'multi-camera' edit decision lists (edl). When repurposing a live event such an edl saves editing time - as re-creating the 'as aired' shot list is no longer needed. This saved time can be used to improve on the live show camera shots, and / or produce quicker programme turn-arounds.

EDL-REC GmbH are a small, focused and niche company, who manufacture all their products with a high quality control system inside Germany. They listen and work closely with their end users whose suggestions help improve the products, making them quicker to install and more versatile - enabling them to be used in an ever growing range of live productions.